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La Burraia

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I’m Francesco Del Puglia, the founder of Lab182. My journey with data began years ago in a picturesque Florentine villa surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and towering trees. I not only worked there but lived for 7 years in a quaint house nestled within the villa’s woods. My company’s name, Lab182, is a tribute to that beloved home “La Burraia“, house number 18/2.

Originally from Tuscany, I moved to the Netherlands in 2019, not for work or studies, but for love. 

My curiosity has led me through diverse experiences, allowing me to gain a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills that complement each other. I’ve honed my abilities in data analysis, swift problem-solving, and mastered Microsoft Excel. I also specialize in workplace safety, especially chemical risk assessments.

Facility manager, Excel and chemical risk assessment

Currently residing in the Netherlands with my family, I work as a technician creating chemical risk assessment for Italian businesses and manage facilities in The Hague.

Designing Excel templates is both my passion and profession. And now, thanks to the collaboration with Riccardo Berti, we can offer the customer a complete and even more specialized service.

Not all those who wander are lost.
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