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About me

I am Riccardo Berti, and my story begins at the tender age of 4, when my father, a tireless entrepreneur in the computer assistance and sales sector, began to share the fascinating world of technology with me. So, as the years went by, the Microsoft Office 365 universe became my playground. While in the hot boring summer holidays I dabbled with 3D construction or video-editing programs, experimenting with creativity and discovering the pleasure of creating something tangible from a blank screen.

My passion for technology has taken a central role in my professional life. Now, thanks to a positive professional deformation, I find myself immersing myself in the use of Company Management Software, facing production, accounting and marketing challenges. Excel and Power BI have become indispensable tools, and my journey into the digital universe continues to evolve.

Business and Productivity Controller

In my current training as a Business and Productivity Controller, I extract data from various company sources to optimize resources. Thanks to data analysis, I monitor financial and operational dynamics, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

Thanks to the collaboration with Francesco Del Puglia, our data synthesis contributes to informed decisions and a clearer business strategy. For more information about our collaboration or to discuss specific projects, please contact us.

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